The Compass Plate is made of brass, bronze, stainless or weathering steel (corten steel) and installed on solid material like wood, metal or stone.  It has the size of a DVD: 12 cm diameter, 2 mm thick and weights 240 g.

Products are sent to the consumer by mail within five (5) business days from the order date. The mailing costs are added to the prize. The product package includes the Compass Plate with screws.


How to install?

The product package includes all necessary screws. Start the installment by checking the compass points with a smart phone app or a liquid compass. Install the Compass Plate so that the compass points of the Plate correspond to those of the liquid compass or smart phone app (N = North, S = South, E = East and W = West). Hold the Plate in position and insert screws into the top and bottom holes and tighten the screws securely to install it flat against the floor.

Please note! The outlook or color of the Compass Plate may change through time and if exposed to hard weather conditions. For instance the color of the Compass Plate made of bronze becomes dark when installed outside.


The story of the Compass Plate

A man called Eero was looking for a compass kind of decoration piece to show him the compass points he so easily got wrong. He had thought about it in many occasions and wanted some kind of tool to be installed at his summer house as well as home garden. For his big surprise, the product did not exist, nor was it found in the vast world of the Internet.

So Eero decided to design and produce a Compass Plate for himself. And as the design of the Plate took its final form, the product was already a small hit in his neigbourhood. Encouraged by his friends, he soon decided to go online and offer his masterpiece to other people also.  Yet opening the Silaus online shop.

Please note that the Compass Plate is a registered design and thus design right protected in EU.